THINK Week in Review: The “Digital Maturity” Edition

Adapting to increasingly digital market environments and taking advantage of digital technologies to improve operations and drive new customer value are important goals for nearly every contemporary business. The good news is that many companies are beginning to make the necessary changes to adapt their organization to a digital environment. Coming of age digitally. In the 2108 Digital Business Report, MIT and Deloitte find that digitally maturing organizations encourage distributed leadership and healthy appetite for experimentation. “Digital business moves more quickly, requires new levels of collaboration across various boundaries, and involves considerable ambiguity and constant change. Perhaps the biggest, necessary change is the need to begin thinking of business differently as a result of the new organizational capabilities enabled by emerging digital technologies. Only then can you begin to put those thoughts into action and begin the first step toward meaningful digital transformation.” Accenture releases a new report: Banking Technology Vision 2018. “Just as water must be clean to be usable, so must data. Eighty-one percent of bankers said they are basing their most critical systems and strategies on data. Yet, 28 percent said that they do not validate or examine the data they receive from the ecosystem or strategic partners most of the time, and five percent said they do not validate at all or rarely do. Inaccurate, unverified data will make banks vulnerable to false business insights that drive poor decisions. Banks can address this vulnerability by verifying the history of data from its origin onward—understanding its context and how it is being used—and by securing and maintaining the data.” New study shatters the myth that digital channels are killing branches. “While consumers prefer digital channels when it comes to making quick transactions, such as withdrawing cash or transferring funds, when there are more substantive conversations to be had, they would rather deal with humans. For quick questions, most consumers (53%) prefer picking up the phone and calling the contact center rather than dealing with a digital solution. But for lengthier topics, complex issues and more involved discussions, more than three quarters (77%) said they will head into a branch to seek out a face-to-face interaction.” And: Have credit unions become the new community banks? Dave Birch on Money 20/20, 2018 edition – confessions of a happy attendee: Identity permeated throughout other discussions and debates as well. I think that may have to add a whole Identity 2020 day next time! Everyone understood just how pressing the need for mass market solutions to deliver identification, authentication and authorization services to support transactions and there were plenty of talks about biometrics, blockchains and bots implementing digital identity for our new online world. And, our thoughts on Money 20/20: 3 Things we learned. The quest for Digital Transformation – enlightening cartoon infographic.