THINK Week in Review: The “Agenda THINK 17” edition

We just released the agenda for THINK 17. An intriguing mix of inspiring keynotes, collaborative workshops, networking opportunities and Manhattan are waiting for you. The event spans four days and is designed to help you get started on your digital transformation journey with the best digital disruptors and practitioners on the THINK stage, offering the tools and strategies you need to being implementing now. Register now. And get inspired by the most important stories of the week: The branch of the future: What does it look like? “With nearly 60% of traditional banking products still being sold in the branch, it's hard to argue that the brick-and-mortar channel still doesn't play a significant role in the retail financial industry. Seven experts on retail banking and branch design share their thoughts on how banks and credit unions will need to re-imagine a new future for face-to-face banking services in the physical world.” 3 ways to get more done right now. Highly recommend #1.  In that same spirit, Seth Godin chimes in. Digital Transformation requires enterprise-wide agile transformation. "Agile transformation requires a complete rethink of how an organization quantifies and manages risk, as the strategic risks of not being sufficiently agile trump the risks inherent in the Agile transformation itself." It's true, you are a completely different person at 14 and 77.  "There is growing neuroscience research that supports the ancient Buddhist belief that our notion of a stable “self” is nothing more than an illusion." Why nothing works anymore. "Like people ignorant of the plight of ants, and like ants incapable of understanding the goals of the humans who loom over them, so technology is becoming a force that surrounds humans, that intersects with humans, that makes use of humans—but not necessarily in the service of human ends. It won’t take a computational singularity for humans to cede their lives to the world of machines. They’ve already been doing so, for years, without even noticing."