THINK Week in Review: Berlin Wall Edition

The Berlin Wall came down 27 years ago; Germany was reunified within one year. Nobody expected it, nobody planned for it. It was one of those Black Swan events that one couldn't predict. Technology is the Black Swan of our times. It can literally move millions of people from taxis to Uber vehicles, from print photography to Instagram and from in-person branch visits to app engagements in a flash. While we can't predict the future, staying on top of the latest trends, technology and consumer behavior is important to staying relevant. That's what we try to bring to you each and every week. The most important five stories this week: What do Millennials actually use venmo for? "Millennials really seem to trust the security of the app, if they're willing to use it for things like rent," Mr. Rathmanner said. The future of mobile banking: market shift or market growth? Confirmation of our strategy for some big THINK initiatives coming up: "For those with a mobile phone and a bank account, 67 percent of those in the 18-29 range used mobile banking in 2015 compared to only 34 percent for those in the 45-59 age group." A tough sell: Why Facebook's failed e-commerce dream failed to take flight.  Interesting read on why Facebook continues to fail when it comes to payments – and why WeChat succeeds. How the best CEOs get the most important work done: "You can be successful as a CEO only if you can mobilize the hearts and minds of thousands, so you must love this mobilization and take joy in helping each group and each individual discover what the strategy means for them. CEOs don't lead companies; they lead a collection of people who all need to move in the same direction. And that demands a thousand conversations." Over time, every credit union will need to transform into a digital organization. This guide is a good starting point. Little reminder: It needs buy-in and massive support from top-down executives, it's more about people than technology and it should be done in sprints, not through five-year plans.