THINK Week in Review: The “Change vs Transformation” Edition

CO-OP has been making news with big changes, most recently with the announcement that the company is acquiring its longtime strategic partner TMG, and that they’re partnering with software developer Feedzai to develop a machine learning tool with artificial intelligence to combat fraud. These changes are among many at CO-OP, but they only tell part of the story. CO-OP is using these developments to launch its digital transformation journey. Developing technologies, maximizing talent, reducing friction, speeding response, integrating platforms – these are all critical moves, but none is more critical than transformation itself. The orchestration of change is all for a single purpose: becoming a different kind of organization, one that’s ready to meet the challenges of a digital world and in turn help credit unions transform themselves. We help you get started on your own digital transformation journey at THINK 17 and share with you more exciting news on our journey. And here are the most intriguing stories of the week: Being a “Digital Bank’ goes beyond a pretty app. "We are talking about a reformation of the bank. This involves rethinking all of the processes, structures and operations organizations have become used to. It also involves becoming customer-centric, not product-pushers, creating conversations across new formats (social).” The bar for digital experience is rising in exponential times  One of the thought leaders in the digital transformation movement declares: "The implication is if you're not participating in a popular new digital channel, then your customer experience is missing entirely. You have no chance to engage or create value there. This also highlights a related issue: One's overall share of digital experience drops as new digital channels continue emerge and grow en masse. This is a real risk to many organizations as they fall behind, except for the minority that have figured out how to organize and scale better for exponential digital change." Deloitte Managing Partner: Small is beautiful. "We now live in a world of radical transparency, far beyond what E. F Schumacher could have imagined. What a company does on one side of the world can now instantly be known on the other and trust in business has suffered blow after blow. But some brands are taking back control and by focusing on the small - on the personal, the agile and the high-quality – they are connecting with what really matters to consumers. Forty years on, for brands that want to make an impact, small is still, beautiful." Nobody's better than you. "Don’t worry about the competition. Find what you do best. When the room is full or when the lines are long, form a line of your own. Be number one in a class of one. Once you’re there, nobody will be better than you, either." Marginal gains matter but gamechangers transform. These two types of innovation complement each other. Long shot innovations open up new territories; marginal improvements colonize them. The 1870s saw revolutionary breakthroughs in electricity generation and distribution but the dynamo didn’t make much impact on productivity until the 1920s. To take advantage of electric motors, manufacturers needed to rework production lines, redesign factories and retrain workers. Without these marginal improvements the technological breakthrough was of little use."