THINK Week in Review – The Chatbot Edition

Yes, change is happening so fast, we need to plan for radical change or prepare for obsolence. That’s why we planned THINK 17 around the digital transformation journey to prepare credit unions for the increasing speed of change. One of the new change agents are chatbots. Or as this article explains: Conversational Banking will transform the Financial Services Industry. "Conversational banking is in its infancy, but it’s a new industry standard that will only become more widespread and sophisticated with time and as more industries leverage this technology. Today’s banking customers expect world-class digital experiences, and chatbots not only help meet these expectations, but also give significant advantages to banks that offer them to their customers. Through the power of conversation, banks can establish relationship banking in digital channels to better understand and serve their customers." Smash your silos for Customer Experience Success "Smashing your silos is one of the most challenging customer experience initiatives you can face. But your competitors are starting down this journey – isn’t it time you joined them? It’s the only way to earn the 27.5% growth that comes from an improved customer experience." Deloitte Impact Project: The new principles of Brand Leadership "To be a brand leader, you must learn how to think like one. To create meaning in today's marketplace requires leadership, innovation and solving social problems. It demands resiliency and trust. Marketing is no longer just selling; it's about making connections and solving problems that improve people's lives. The brands that will win tomorrow will build themselves into future-ready objects of desire - in their products, services, people, and soul." How I got my attention back. Technology is commanding our attention in infinite, insurmountable loops. "Disconnection helped me remember what the mind felt to wash off that funereal glaze that seemed to coat us all, and to return to the world - however thick the gloom - with clarity and purpose, able to help out in far better ways than I could have had I stayed online." In case you need 7.5 reasons to attend THINK 17, here they are. Or better, register now.