THINK Week in Review: Digital Transformation Journey Edition

We just announced the first speakers of THINK 17. One of the recurring themes of the digital transformation journey is the need to marry the member and employee experience. In order to develop a digital mindset, new strategies have to be developed and new digital attributes have to become part of the DNA of your credit union.  This Financial Brand article provides insights into the importance of aligning the customer and employee experience. We will discuss this further on Day 4 of THINK 17. The lost art of thinking in large organizations. "Many executives in big companies attained their positions by excelling at getting things done. Unfortunately, a bias for doing rather than thinking can leave these executives ill-equipped for their new roles." The great Digital Identity debate. "Ultimately, there are ways to establish digital presence that go beyond, or do not even need, concrete issuance of a single identity. Attributes that already exist online can be gathered together for authentication, for anything from entering a building to opening an app to sending money across mobile banking. It all happens, theoretically and magically, behind the scenes. What's your digital ROI? Companies need a clear and complete view of how their digital transformations are progressing. Start your digital transformation journey at THINK 17.