THINK Week in Review – The “Giving from the heart” edition

Along with sipping eggnog and lighting up the tree, giving gifts to friends and family is often a cherished part of the Christmas season. But, as we all know, a rewarding holiday season is about giving from the heart than giving from the store. Throughout the year, we support the Children's Miracle Network through our Miracle Match. For the remaining days of the year, you can still donate directly to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. And, while enjoying your time off with family and friends, here are the best stories of the week:
CMOs and digital transformation: Commitment differs from reality. "The goal is to engage, enable, and support" through tech. Every prospective digital transformation move should be analyzed through that lens." 
How to fail at Jobs-To-Be-Done. "Discovering what job the customer is trying to get done only helps to define the market to target. Knowing what the job-to-be-done is does not tell you what the customers needs are at the level of granularity needed to make innovation more predictable."
What is an agile leader? "A good guiding principle is “Don’t motivate people – remove the demotivators”. If people see you removing real impediments and creating a high-trust environment that helps them work effectively – that will probably motivate them a lot more than things like Hawaiian T-shirt Fridays, free drinks, and ping-pong tables."
11 ways Fintech and Banking will change in 2017. “The banks will stop thinking about digital as separate channel and will follow the lead of retailers… keeping the channels completely separate doesn’t make sense, so banks will take advantage of digital to keep customers on the hook, and [might] close transactions in branch… Mobile banking has already tipped… and banks are [still] moving in the direction of mobile. Banks can’t think of mobile as a separate channel.” 
Evolving branch models: From the analog age to the digital age. "It’s time for more engaging, creative, and aspirational physical spaces that seamlessly integrate the physical experience with other channels. There are exciting opportunities to create new places and spaces for financial education, digital onboarding, community events and guest events hosted by affinity brands."
The great AI awakening.  "The kinds of jobs taken by automatons will no longer be just repetitive tasks that were once — unfairly, it ought to be emphasized — associated with the supposed lower intelligence of the uneducated classes. We’re not only talking about three and a half million truck drivers who may soon lack careers. We’re talking about inventory managers, economists, financial advisers, real estate agents. What Brain did over nine months is just one example of how quickly a small group at a large company can automate a task nobody ever would have associated with machines."