THINK Week in Review – The “Google AI First” Edition

At Google’s 2017 I/O keynote this week, CEO Sundar Pichal introduced new products and shared more information about the company’s “AI first” future, rethinking all of its products for an AI-first world. Google is not alone: CO-OP is partnering with AI companies and will continue to invest heavily in machine learning and other opportunities to deliver more digitally transformative solutions. And, we will continue to share the most important and insightful stories of the week: The next THINK Review will be about AI – Timely article: The past, present and future of AI in customer experience. Customer engagement is not a cost centre. It’s an investment in customer relationships. And, with imagination and ingenuity, AI will not only enhance customer experiences, it can improve every aspect of business. And, don’t forget so subscribe to THINK Review. Artificial Intelligence is getting more powerful, and it’s about to be everywhere. “AI capabilities are about to be everywhere. Until recently, big companies focused on adding AI capabilities to their own products — think about your smartphone transcribing your voice and Facebook identifying the faces in your photos. But now big companies are starting to open up their powerful AI capabilities to third-party developers. And often, this is the moment when a new technology has a really big impact. The iPhone didn’t really become truly revolutionary until Apple created the app store, allowing third parties to create apps like Uber and Instagram. Soon every company and every ambitious kid in a dorm room is going to have access to the same powerful AI tools as the world’s leading technology companies.” Are you listening? Building CX Strategy around Feedback loops. “It's impossible to deliver exceptional experiences if you don't understand people's priorities, preferences and concerns. One credit union says they've found the secret to a CX strategy that shines, and it's remarkably simple: just listen.” A tech company CEO de-hypes digital transformation. “Digital transformation is a CEO issue. It’s an opportunity to innovate and transform how a company serves its customers,” Donahoe said. “To do that, companies need to devote as many of their resources to those activities and as little as possible on managing the internal enterprise. We help them manage those internal elements as efficiently as possible and free up resources through simplification and automation.” Makes you reflect on your intellectual capabilities. Linear Thinking in a nonlinear world. "It’s time that management professionals joined these other disciplines in developing greater awareness of the pitfalls of linear thinking in a nonlinear world. This will increase their ability to choose wisely—and to help the people around them make good decisions too." This is somehow surprising: The myth of the Millennial Entrepreneur. "The rarity of Millennial entrepreneurs doesn't just deflate a common media myth—it could have lasting consequences for the competitiveness of the American economy."