THINK Week in Review – The Happy New Year Edition

2016 is about to say goodbye and head out to its eternal resting place in history. 2017 is warming up and ready to be our companion for the next 365 days. What will the new year bring? We don't claim to know besides a lot of change and even more change. To keep up with the exponential rate of change, we will continue to curate the most important stories of the week for you. And, we will continue to be grateful for your patronage. 10 Ways to improve the digital banking experience: "To handle the uncertainty of the future, credit unions need to make sure that they future-proof, both in terms of digital proposition and organizational structure." The programmable bank: Opportunities for open banking. "The challenge is not open banking’s opportunity but its delivery. But once organizational and technological challenges have been overcome, the possibilities are endless. The creativity of the developer community will guarantee innovative customer propositions that would be hard to develop the traditional way." Payments 2016: The year of the "Ecosystem," redefined. "The payments ecosystem is being redefined. In a world where new technology becomes available and commoditized quickly, customer experience and agility will drive the transformation of commerce and brand interaction." Bill Taylor, a speaker and thinker you will hear more about in the future, writes about what the best change leaders know. "There’s nothing standing in the way of breakthrough innovation other than your capacity to imagine it." Still in search for resolutions? Here are 13 things you should give up if you want to be successful. "On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become." Have a healthy, successful and happy 2017!