THINK Week in Review – The “Internet Trends 2017” Edition

A few days ago, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker shared at the yearly Recode Conference her annual Internet Trends Report. Or, as some people call it “the most anticipated slide deck of the year.” 355 slides of insights and fast takes. A few highlights:
  • The global smartphone marketing is getting saturated.
  • Time spent using the Internet on mobile devices ticked up again in 2016 to 5.6 hours, up from 5.4 in 2015.
  • The visual web continues to grow in importance and sophistication
  • Image-recognition and voice-activation are increasingly replacing typing, particularly on mobile.
  • Media disruption continues at a “torrid pace”: Netflix went from zero to 30% of the U.S. home entertainment market in 10 years.
The full deck can be found here. In other news: The power of banking with purpose. "Purpose is powerful in smoothing digital transformation, wooing and motivating talent, and elevating employee engagement to propel a thriving organization to new heights. And purpose can help an organization emerge from crisis or help heal its ailing culture. Purpose can be powerful, but only if it’s authentic and deeply embedded." On the science of staying motivated. "I really think that we have given short shrift to the concept of small wins, both in terms of personal development and organizational performance. We want big, audacious goals, we want moon shots, we want giant transformations—and that’s cool sometimes. Sometimes that’s the approach. But most times, the more practical, realistic, and ultimately effective way is to go for a small win." Software 2017 – Where are we and where are we going? Insightful deck that makes one thing clear: each company is now in the software business. All innovation starts with a provocative question. “Why are questions very powerful? Because we rarely challenge our assumptions; questions force us to reflect, ponder and explore. In life and in business, meaningful conversations start with great questions.” Wall Street to CEOs: Disrupt your industry or else. “Investors ands boards are hunting for corporate leaders who can move quickly to fend off upstarts and place big bets on disruptive tech. Robot Overlords: AI at Facebook, Amazon, Disney and Digital Transformation at GE, DBS, BNY Mellon. "There is no doubt that technology, and most recently computer technology, has disrupted many occupations and has caused painful temporary and even permanent job displacements. But most people adapt to labor market changes and many even thrive, enjoying broader responsibilities and more fulfilling jobs.”