THINK Week in Review: The “Post-THINK Blues” Edition

Can you believe THINK 16 is now part of the history of credit unions? We hope you had an inspiring, collaborative and valuable experience at THINK and look forward seeing you in almost a year in New York.

While you are getting ready to change the world starting Monday, we curated the best stories of this week for you:

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a marketing strategy. "When your CSR strategy is grounded in your company purpose, it becomes a lot more clear what and how you should be engaging with your people, communities and planet."

The future is the trust economy. "The question is what are you doing to actively build trust with your customers? In a world where your brand is less what you say and more the collective experiences of everyone using it, you can't simply rely on marketing to meet the challenge for you in the future." 

"Drink before you're thirsty, eat before you're hungry." Posing the question: How can I run two potentially very different models within the same business with finite resources?" 

- Empathy is not a buzzword; it's a life pursuit. A final thought from our THINK 16 presenter Whitney Hess: "The way to authentically introduce empathy to your organization is to live and breathe it yourself. Compassion starts at home, inside you."

- A possible exercise for Monday morning: How to quickly foster empathy within a new team.

Last but not least, don't miss out on THINK 17 in New York. Register now to take advantage of an incredible rate.

Until then, change the world! We'll be with you throughout the year.