THINK Week in Review: Pre-THINK Reading

Finally, THINK is almost here. To get you ready for the credit union conference of the year, we've curated articles that will get you thinking, debating and collaborating. And that's what THINK is about, isn't it? We'll see you soon!

- Two articles from the same publication, targeting the same challenge for our society: The secret shame of middle-class Americans "In the 1950s and '60s, economic growth democratized prosperity. In the 2010s, we have democratized financial insecurity."

And: Why don't Americans save more money? "It sounds counter intuitive and nearly paradoxical, but maybe the only way to make Americans richer in the long run is to take more money away from them." 

Digital innovation transforming the banking industry. Credit Unions maintain strong relationships with consumers and business but they risk losing control over the consumer experience as small fintechs and large technology companies offer new solutions that reduce friction and take advantage of digital advances.  

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a marketing strategy. "When your CSR strategy is grounded in your company purpose, it becomes a lot more clear what and how you should be engaging with your people, communities and planet."

The future is the trust economy. "The question is what are you doing to actively build trust with your customers? In a world where your brand is less what you say and more the collective experiences of everyone using it, you can't simply rely on marketing to meet the challenge for you in the future." 

"Drink before you're thirsty, eat before you're hungry." Posing the question: How can I run two potentially very different models within the same business with finite resources?"