• Gary Vaynerchuk, cofounder/CEO, Vaynermedia
  • Randi Zuckerberg, founder/CEO, Zuckerberg Media
  • Chris Chippindale, Vice President of Enterprise Initiatives and Electronic Banking, Ent Federal Credit Union
  • Michael Sullivan, EVP/CIO, McGraw Hill Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Tess Vigeland, former host of Public Radio’s Marketplace Money and host of THINK 14
Gary Vaynerchuk believes he can prove that 95 percent of the money spent on traditional media isn’t reaching its intended audience. That’s just one of the fast facts you’ll learn in this THINK It Out, which covers everything from the rise of social media to tools and tactics for reaching members in the social age. THINK Starters Chris Chippindale and Michael Sullivan keep the conversation real with insights into the challenges credit unions face as media habits shift among consumers. Facebook pioneer Randi Zuckerberg points out the intrinsic value of money as a connecting point when trying to communicate with consumers. Find out what slows credit unions down when trying the market in fast times, how to combat myths about your organization and industry, and why Vaynerchuk is waving his shoe around: Watch now. Want more? Watch Zuckerberg discuss the importance of building relationships with your members here. See Vaynerchuk talk about his hopes for his THINK 14 presentation just before he hits the stage in New Orleans here. Read about Zuckerberg’s 10 cultural trends that credit unions can leverage here. Find out if your credit union is on Zuckerberg’s credit union honor roll here. Watch Vaynerchuk answer questions following his live presentation at the regional THINK It Out in Livonia, Mich., here. See the first episode of “Ask Gary Vee,” in which Vaynerchuk reveals what kind of owner he’ll be when he buys the New York Jets here.