Thinking Security? Then Join us May 5.

Here’s a mental agility test: THINK of the largest number you’ve ever thought could exist and double it. What you calculate may be the number of devices forecast to be connected to the Internet of Things by the year 2020. The THINK Security Track is focused on exposing the risks that our transactions, identities, and personal histories are, and will continue to be exposed to, virtually forever. Scary, but help is on the way. Industry experts convened for the THINK Security Track at THINK 15 to discuss tools and techniques to minimize the threats our personal and corporate information must contend with to maintain our sanity and sobriety. First up, we heard a panel of experts discuss how EMV and Apple Pay intersect and what these two seemingly disparate technologies have in common. Next, the prestigious advisory firm, Mercator, discussed the findings of their recent investigation of security threats facing all credit unions and their members. We concluded the day with a rousing roundtable debate about the potential leakage that mobile wallets – all of them – bring to the security equation. I had the pleasure of playing the devil’s advocate role as our experts regaled us with in-focus presentation materials, demos, and poignant anecdotes of security mis-steps and misdeeds. Thanks to those that joined us for the THINK Security Track on May 5. I hope you weren't disappointed. Scared to death maybe, yet encouraged that help is available and on its way. Founded in 1982, Dorado Industries specializes in addressing technology, product, and strategy issues and expressing client options in plain English. We emphasize on practical solutions for electronic payments and system security in an ever-changing credit union environment.