• Kate Feather, EVP, PeopleMetrics
  • Ivan Askwith, Independent Producer and Consultant
  • Bill Cheney, President/CEO SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, former CEO of CUNA
  • Stan Hollen, President and CEO, CO-OP Financial Services
  • Tess Vigeland, former host of Public Radio’s Marketplace Money and host of THINK 14
“When I say the game has changed, I say it in a positive way,” says Bill Cheney. Two of the industry’s heavyweights, former CUNA CEO Bill Cheney and CO-OP President/CEO Stan Hollen, join THINKers Ivan Askwith and Kate Feather in an examination of the credit union business model. While Feather and Askwith ask what more credit unions might do to evolve their businesses to serve a changing market, Cheney and Hollen are bullish on the prospects for this customer-centric movement. Are the values that set credit unions apart from banks translating to the member experience in a way that resonates with – and makes fans of – members? Want more? Watch Kate Feather’s THINK 14 presentation in its entirety here. Watch Ivan Askwith’s THINK 14 presentation in its entirety here. See what Feather had to say about customer experience after THINK 14 here. Read about Feather’s insights on customer experience at the regional THINK It Out in Livonia, Mich., here. Watch a quick clip of Feather talking about attracting Millennials through education here. See what Askwith had to say after THINK 14 here. Read what he had to say at the regional THINK It Out in Pleasanton, Calif., this fall here.