Ubitech – The pervasiveness of technology

Experts predict the Internet will become ‘like electricity’ – less visible, yet more deeply embedded in all aspects of people’s lives. The world is moving rapidly towards ubiquitous connectivity that will further change how and where people associate, gather and share information, and consume media. And consumers continue to crave (and create their lives around) the amazing powers technology offers to them: immediacy, convenience and unlimited choices. Experts foresee an ambient information environment where accessing the Internet will be effortless and most people will tap into it so easy, it will flow through their lives like electricity and water. They predict mobile, wearable, and embedded computing will be tied together in the Internet of Things, allowing people and their surroundings to tap into artificial intelligence-enhanced cloud-based information storage and sharing. The most useful impact is the ability to connect people. At the center of everything is the ability to connect people. And every digital-fueled connection needs to be based on empathetic thinking. How can credit unions use technology to create perceived value? How can credit unions tap into technology to improve the wellbeing of their members? How can credit unions create connected ecosystems of personalized services for enhanced relationships? These and other important questions were discussed at THINK 15 by Sara Critchfield and Lisa Gansky. While every credit union is built on the emotion of passion, success will be created through the innovative use of technology, analytics and finding new business connections in the sharing economy. Before every member will be connected with every thing, this is the moment to seize the now.