Webinar: Jobs To Be Done – Understanding Your Members

New products and services have abysmal success rates – almost 90% fail to gain traction with customers each year. How can you and your credit union team improve these odds? You need to base your next innovation on a clear understanding of your members’ important challenges – or their jobs to be done. Based on Harvard’s Clay Christensen theory, the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework is based on a simple but profound insight: people don’t really buy products or services; they “hire” them to get a job done. By focusing on your member’s emotional, social and functional needs, you can discover the true motivations people have for buying, engaging and becoming a member – and then develop solutions with confidence. In this webinar, Uwe Hook, founder of Hook Consulting, and CO-OP Chief Experience and Marketing Officer, Samantha Paxson will explain this proven approach, best practices and case studies of its impact. In addition, each webinar participant will receive a free download of the Credit Union Jobs To Be Done Research Report. Register now for the June 7 event.