What we heard at THINK 18, Day 3

Chip Heath: “There’s nine times more to gain by elevating positive customers than by eliminating negative ones.” Paul Love: “Until people treat the cyber world like they do the physical world, data security will continue to be problematic. Explain to your members in simple terms what they need to do to maintain good data hygiene.” Thomas Frey: “People make decisions today based on ideas of what the future might hold. The future creates the present. The key thing is if we change people’s visions of the future, we change the way they make decisions today.” Todd Link: “When it comes to improving security, members want to be a part of the solution. They want to be involved with receiving and responding to text alerts and setting controls. When we ask them to come to the table as a partner, they are more than willing.” James Wester: “Digital Transformation is a continuous process. You don’t just wake up one morning and go “We did it! We’re transformed.” Terry Rodrick: “The ability to collaborate is one of the biggest value propositions the credit union industry has to offer.” Brian Solis: “Without challenging rules, any brainstorming we do will keep us constrained to a reference anchored to the past. There is a lot we have to learn, but even more we have to unlearn.” Deb Wieczorek: "Credit unions do data differently in two ways. First, it’s not all about profit. Second, they approach it collaboratively, sharing business intelligence and using partners to get to the richest insights." Tamara Levitt, quoting Anne Lamott: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Thank you for attending, safe travels and we will see you in Miami. Keep THINKing.