We realize you may be wishing this holiday season for something that is not credit union related. We hope your wishes come true! Meanwhile, THINK is pleased to provide this list of requests on behalf of readers who might be wishing for operational help, strategic insight, new ideas and inspiration. Along with each request, we’re offering links to full-length video recordings of Evolution Sessions from THINK 14.
  Phillips-McCartyI want the good work we do in our community to lift our brand and build awareness for our charitable partners, so that we can amplify our efforts in the future.
Evo Session: Cause Marketing Catches Fire

  Andrew-GatesI want to understand the intrinsic value of rewards better, so I can use our rewards program to build more usage and real engagement.
Evo Session: Turning Rewards into a Profit Center

  Ron-RecordI want some nuts and bolts strategies for using existing card data to understand our members, create targeted marketing campaigns, look for emerging trends, and combat fraud.
Evo Session: Are You Using Data to Your Advantage?

  Brian-PorterI want a clear picture of the branch transformation opportunities available to us – and how we can use them to serve our members even better.
Evo Session: Engineering the Right Branch Experience

  Rachna-AhlawatI want someone to show me how a remote control for my payment cards would work. Why would members want one? How will this help my credit union?
Evo Session: Remote Control for Payment Cards

  Caroline-WillardI want a frank opinion. Why do I keep hearing about how mobile wallets are the payments of the future, while most retailers I visit can’t help me use one?
Evo Session: When Will Mobile Wallets Fly?

  Shazia-ManusI want to know why customer experience is such a hot topic. Have members changed that much?
Evo Session: The Power of the Customer Voice

  Darron-DunnI want to know how to harness the explosion of new technology in the card payments space. How do I make growth sustainable?
Evo Session: Think Bigger, Think Credit

  Ondine-IrvingI want to Dr. Oz our credit card program. Where can I find real numbers that will help me benchmark our growth, health and profitability?
Evo Session: Credit Card School Is in Session

  kevin-rowlandI want to figure out where to put my focus in the area of digital payments. Is there any hope of creating a workable plan?
Evo Session: Digital Commerce: The Future of Payments

  panelI want some answers about how all the moving pieces of our member experience work together to move us forward. I need a team of experts.
Evo Session: Panel – Hot Topics in Member Experience

  John-MacAllisterI want a peek into the future for credit unions. What’s the road ahead going to look like?
Evo Session: The Road to 2020