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We hope you enjoyed the “Race to Excellence” edition and are motivated to learn more. Below is further reading to indulge your curiosity.

THE RACE TO EXCELLENCE | Get the latest thinking about excellence, speed, integration, AI and ecosystems:

Where Are You in the Race to Excellence?
Integration Is the New Innovation

4 Transformative Applications for AI and Machine Learning

Digital Ecosystems: The Answer to the Accelerating Payments Challenge

INNOVATION | New ideas are fueling a digital revolution in financial services. Start here:

What does Diversity have to do with Digital Transformation?
Do Fintechs make good partners?
Reimagining Customer Journeys through Open Banking

CONVERSATIONS | What inspired the thinking behind this month’s Q&As? Here’s a shortlist:

Building a Network for Growth

8 Expert Tips for integrating Speed and Security

EDUCATION | There’s a world of big ideas behind this month’s issue. Read up:

Variety is the Spice

Building your Team for the Digital Age

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