THINK Week in Review: The “Leaders are Readers” edition

14310069428_097f9b6e18_b Harry Truman once said, "Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers. Because we believe that the readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow, here are the best stories of the week. Enjoy.   What an opportunity! The banking industry is still falling short of consumer expectations. "The survey shows that, if a financial institution wants to be a customer's bank for life, it must first become that customer's bank for living – meeting all the needs a customer may have in his or her daily life, so that customer thinks of the bank first, always." Not a new thought, but still an important thought: Leaders can shape culture through their behaviors. "The point is that building an innovative culture starts by looking at how you behave as a leader toward those trying to innovate. The same is true about any kind of culture: It all begins with the behaviors of your leaders. To say that another way, if you are interested in changing the culture of your organization, your first step should be to look in the mirror and make sure you are setting the kind of behavioral example you want everyone else to follow." Such a great read: What does "The medium is the message" mean for customer experience? "Shifting CEM out of neutral and finally making progress from the customer's perspective, rather than in terms of KPI and success criteria defined by the old media, requires that we as customer experience professionals fully acknowledge the message of the new medium – and that means that we embody it in our behaviors, practices, and business models. New innovation realities require new mindsets and tools. "What will be difficult is the shift in mindsets, as innovators recognize that products pay only a small portion in the expected experience. This will mean that product organizations and budgets may give way to experience organizations, where companies craft experiences that products must fit into, rather than the other way around, which is the norm today." How Mary Barra is remaking GM and its culture: What a challenge and an intriguing example for THINK. "In her vision of GM's revved-up culture, Barra told the group that "best efforts" alone aren't going to cut it. "Are you doing what you can?" she asked. "Or are you doing what it takes to win?"