Randi Zuckerberg – who began her career marketing at Facebook (her brother’s little company) and is now founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media – shared some social media inspiration during her keynote at the first THINK It Out in Ontario, Calif. Zuckerberg provided an overview of her experience at Facebook during the early days and highlighted what made the initial DNA of the company work to help it grow. Most importantly, she shared with the audience 10 new cultural/media trends shaping the lives of consumers and how companies – including credit unions -- are using these trends to find new ways to engage with people. Top 10 Trends
  1. The Reinvention of Retail: Now is the time to take risks when it comes to retail and branches. Companies are reimagining the ways they can interact with customers and audiences want to be surprised and delighted.
  2. Every Company Is a Media Company: Growing your brand with great content is the most valuable thing you can do for your customers.
  3. The Age of the Entre-ployee: “Entrepreneur” and “employee” are not mutually exclusive. This new breed of employees requires new ways of recruiting and providing them with space and resources to experiment.
  4. The Immediate Gratification Economy: We are living in the expectation economy. Credit unions need to be where the consumers are – especially digitally -- and offer experiences that delight them.
  5. Life Logging and the “Selfie” Generation: Recording every aspect of a person’s life either actively (Instagram) or passively (Wearables) is now the new black.
  6. Crowdsourcing/Crowdfunding: People don’t have to rely on institutions (movie studios, music labels, banks) to get creative ideas funded. On the other hand, credit unions can tap into the crowd for innovative ideas when it comes to creative assets or service improvements.
  7. Community Giving: Giving back is at the core of the credit union movement. Find ways to partner with customers and create a united community.
  8. The New Frontier Is Online Education: With an increasing amount of educational content online for everything from coding to craft-making, Zuckerberg urged credit unions to tap into this emerging and provide true financial education.
  9. Gamification for Motivation: People are relying on technology for feedback and motivation. Witness the alarm clock app that donates money to charity every time you hit the snooze button. Increasingly, people tap into their social connections to get motivated.
  10. Unplug! There’s an emerging trend toward digital detox. People slowly understand they have taken technology addiction to an extreme and they are looking for new ways to disconnect.