Susan Mitchell, CEO, and Dr. Brandi Stankovic, Partner of Mitchell, Stankovich & Associates discussed leadership lessons for credit unions in their “Hunger Games Leadership – Path to relevance starts with you!” presentation. Here are the lessons: - No one can predict the future. Even Bill Gates thought 640k memory was enough at one point. Don’t get stuck in current thought categories to forecast the future. Be flexible, be relevant. - Consumer behavior drives leadership. Communicate. Measure Results. Promote curiosity. Avoid active inertia. - Being rigorous about firing the wrong people is as critical as hiring the right people. - Prototyping trumps discussion. - Good leaders don’t need charisma. - Advocate for yourself. Take risks. Share emotion. Fake it until you feel it. Challenge synergy: Think personally, act communally. - Choose your allies wisely. Network. Find mentors. Be top of mind. - Sometimes surviving is winning. Think strategically. Challenge the Status Quo. At the end, they delighted the audience by introducing the Leadership Relevance Webinars: a partnership between Stankovich, Mitchell and Associates and CO-OP Financial Services. Leading by example is a storyline that delivers tangible results: improved behavior and increased productivity. By consistently demonstrating the behaviors we value, our leaders speak volumes about the methods the company values – methods that our teams learn to follow.