Leadership is about inspiring greatness

“Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.” - Kathy Austin In life and work, it really doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. Rather, it’s all about where you are going and what path are you going to take to get there. Accomplished people become exceptional when they choose their paths by design, not by accident. They are like master gardeners, continually observing, trimming, shaping their characters to grow into someone worth admiring. We are all master gardeners. And THINK is about collaborating with other exceptional people to create excellence in the credit union movement. “He who would be a master must be servant of all.” – Confucius When you see yourself as a servant, doing everything possible to help others to perform at their best, you practice the highest form of “servant leadership.” This form of advanced leadership is based on high standards of accountability and indirect effort. Motivational leaders lead by example and adhere to the law of indirect effort. According to this law, most things at the workplace are achieved more efficiently by indirect means rather than direct means. Motivational leaders demonstrate their qualities of leadership, they don’t need to order others around to follow directions. The leaders of the past, exuding confidence and giving orders, are relics. Today’s motivational leaders ask questions, listen more than they speak and build consensus among a core team. A motivational leader gets things done by helping others to help themselves. They lead the action, go first and act as role model. You become a motivational leader by finding the motivation within yourself. Always delivering on excellence, you become everything you were supposed to become. You motivate others by improving their lives and helping them achieve their goals. Ultimately, you want to become the leader you want to follow in every area for life. You deserve nothing less.