Samantha Paxson Talks Purpose and Business on ESPN Radio

On Monday, May 2nd from 1pm-2pm PST, Samantha Paxson, CMO of CO-OP and Kathy Cady, COO of California Coastal FCU of San Diego will be guests on the popular radio show - ESPN’s Real Talk San Diego!

Samantha and Kathy will share some of their background and extensive experience in the credit union industry and also touch on these topics:

  • How CO-OP is leveraging purpose and innovation to create opportunities for credit unions and consumers
  • Some of the challenges people are facing in their financial lives today and how credit unions can help
  • CO-OP's credit union innovation project and some of the products that are helping the public manage their finances
  • A sneak peek into what's happening at THINK 16

Real Talk San Diego features community business leaders and entrepreneurs sharing their insights and opinions on business, finance, real estate, political and lifestyle related topics that impact our communities. The show's mission is to educate and inform their listeners so that they can make informed decisions about “the business of life”.

Tune into 1700AM ESPN or listen online at realtalksandiego.com/listen-live. Missed the show? Not to worry, you can watch a video of the appearance on the Real Talk San Diego website post show.