THINK has quietly evolved a second life – and that life plays out in social media. The social side of THINK 14 was easily as active as what happened on stage, with some 5,000 Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts generating virtual conversation, debate and daydreaming as the conference unfolded. It's not possible to summarize all of the social media activity in a short post like this one. Inevitably, you lose the odd tangents, random musings and diverse opinions that make social media worth following. Nevertheless, here's a parting glance at some of the topics covered:

From Monday's Evolution Sessions:

Sarah Snell Cooke May 19 80% of consumers differentiate between TP brands yet only 10% differentiate between retail financial institutions. Joshua Poole May 19 Technological advancement is our member's expectation. Are we a championship swimmer, or just simply treading water?

From Tuesday - Living the Promise & Consumer Experience:

ie-chen cheng May 20 As we watch Millenials film, 1st thought comes to mind is cost of higher education. What r CUs doing 2 help them? Mark Thompson May 20 Millennials know exactly what they want from their fin svcs provider: respect, purpose, local service Nick May 20 We need to exceed the aspirations of the people we are trying to move. Welby Altidor May 20 Example of reaching beyond the needs & desires to match and exceed aspirations! Conversation Wall. Chris Whalen May 20 #creditunions are 13 years behind. Let's market in the year we actually live in! Great perspective from @garyvee #COOPTHINK ie-chen cheng May 20 Market in the year we live in. Only a few laughs because the sting hurts. Chuck Purvis May 20 40 second thank you phone call resulted in 8000% higher level of spending. WOW!!!!!

From Wednesday – Disruption Lab, Daria Musk & Examining the Business Model

Nick May 21 Only 1.7% growth in membership amongst #creditunions since 2009! That is shameful. We can do so much better. Richard Roark May 21 This statement by @dariamusk is so relevant in our organizations as well. "Just shine the spotlight back on them". Dorado Industries May 21 Payments is payments. Financial services is much, much more. #COOPTHINK Nick May 21 People don't care about money. They care about the stuff money can get them. That is where we can drive innovation and change. Ronaldo Hardy May 21 Marketing isn't about messaging. It's about matching what you're trying to say with what people want to hear. Alix Patterson May 21 What are our members asking for that #creditunion's can uniquely provide? Ivan Askwith is challenging us to think hard. Brandi Stankovic May 21 We are not entitled to great members. We need to earn their loyalty. Sasha Kemble May 21 W/Kickstarter, people aren't just investing dollars, they're investing emotions. How is that different than what our members do?

From Thursday - Leadership, Attitude & Talent

Mia Perez May 22 People don't expect to you be perfect, they expect you to be responsive. Candice Nigro May 22 So much of what we do is #oldschool. #coopthink is creating #newschool for #creditunions. All CU leaders should attend this conference. Ronaldo Hardy May 22 We all voted that we were on fire, and the fire alarm went off immediately. Literally. Lol! Candice Nigro May 22 Pretty sure it is going to take a while before I stop putting #coopthink at the end of my tweets.