THINK 17 Day 2: Jobs To Be Done

“You should look at the workaround that your customers are needing to do. It becomes a real source of a lot of insights.” – Clayton Christensen  A recent McKinsey poll found that eighty four percent of global executives claim that innovation is extremely important for business growth, yet 94 percent were dissatisfied with their own innovation performance. What’s the reason? Clayton M. Christensen, a highly regarded expert in innovation and growth, believes executives often fail because they study the wrong product and customer data, which leads them to unwittingly design innovation processes that “churn out mediocrity.” The secret to winning the innovation game lies in understanding what causes members to make choices that help them make progress on things they are struggling with in their lives. In short: What jobs would members want to hire a service/product to do? Clayton Christensen developed the “Jobs To Be Done” framework, which was later transformed into a guidebook by authors Stephen Wunker, Jessica Wattmann and David Farber in “Jobs to Be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centric Innovation.” Stephen Wunker will be one of the main keynote speakers on Day 2 at THINK 17, introducing the “Jobs to Be Done” framework and helping the audience to apply this model to their respective credit unions. The keynote will include credit union-specific research about the jobs that members need to get done and a workshop to discover new tasks that will help to grow your business. Meg Crofton, former president of Walt Disney World Resorts & Parks, will bring the Disney magic to THINK 17 and explain how Disney incorporated the “Jobs to Be Done” framework into their business model. During lunch, enjoy a real-life “Jobs to Be Done” case study presentation with IDEO, New York University, MasterCard and the THINK Prize. In the afternoon sessions, we will take a deeper look at how to integrate the ideas and insights from the morning’s general sessions into real solutions that bring greater value to credit unions. We offer two afternoon tracks:
  • Building the Optimal Member Experience: Branch & Digital
  • Navigating the Payments and Fraud Landscape to Become Top of Wallet for Members
At Tuesday’s closing sessions, Tom Goodwin, EVP of Innovation, Zenith Media, asks the question, “Where should we innovate?” It’s time to begin thinking of technology as oxygen -- essential to the beating heart of your credit union. And, as always, we will offer a designated networking lounge, 1:1 Advisor Time and late night Shop Talks throughout the city that never sleeps. Your detailed agenda can be found here and registration remains open.