THINK Week in Review: The “Digital Transformation Trends Edition”

Digital Transformation isn’t just a buzzword. From last year to today, this has remained unchanged. Credit Unions must expedite their digital transformation to drive their business forward. They must adapt to technological changes, work to improve the CX and fight for growth and opportunity. All of these technological advancements, whether on the fringe or in the middle of success, have the opportunity to change the face of business forever. In the coming year we may see the vernacular change, but transforming our businesses to deal with the digital deluge is here to stay. Are you ready? 2018 Digital Transformation Trends: Where are we now?  “We still have to recognize that the digital transformation must be people-focused first. We must lead with experiences and seek out where technology enables and enhances those things to improve our culture. Having visited with organizations around the world this year, I continue to hear about the challenge of bringing people on board and this year’s digital transformation index showed culture as the #2 hurdle only behind technology partnerships.” New Research – The new physics of Financial Services: How AI is transforming the financial ecosystem. “Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the physics of financial services. It is weakening the bonds that have held together the component parts of incumbent financial institutions, opening the door to entirely new operating models and ushering in a new set of competitive dynamics that will reward institutions focused on the scale and sophistication of data much more than the scale or complexity of capital.” 5 Actions that accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey. “It is important to remember that, while the collection and use of data is at the foundation of all other actions around digital transformation, culture must also change – moving away from many of the traditional banking processes and beliefs around consumers. While cultural change may be slower than technological change, a proactive focus on changing culture is still an imperative.” Generation Z will account for 40 Percent of Shopper by 2020. “Engagement Labs, the data and analytics company that assists marketers, says the group of people born between 1997 and 2016 are 86 million strong, and influence $600 billion of spending by families. This group is also big on conversations – both online and offline – with Engagement Labs finding them to drive 19 percent of purchases.” More details. Give yourself a break: The power of self-compassion. “The business community at large has done a good job of removing the stigma around failure in recent years at the organizational level—it’s a natural byproduct of experimentation and, ultimately, innovation. But too many of us are not harnessing the redemptive power of failure in our own work lives. As more and more industries are disrupted and people’s work lives are thrown into upheaval, this skill will become more important. If you’re struggling to foster self-compassion in your professional and personal life, don’t beat yourself up about it. With a little practice, you can do better.”