THINK Week in Review: The “Fintech/Techfin World”

The future of retail banking is better defined than most traditional financial services executives want to admit. One key element: Consumers expect insights to be used to provide exceptionally personalized experiences. Non-traditional firms grasp this and are pushing the limits on delivery of solutions. To thrive in this environment, banks and credit unions must re-imagine their roles.

How credit unions can prevail in a Fintech, Techfin World. “For the last few years, most financial services companies have focused on digitization and removing pain points in the customer journey. Both important. But to drive future growth, more disruptive thinking will be required, with a focus on ideas, propositions and stories. Banks and credit unions need to re-imagine a future where they can become consumer experts, leveraging their insights drawn from deep data to improve the customer experience and deliver hyper-personalized financial services in real-time.

Bottom line, the banking organization of the future needs a differentiated brand purpose that resonates with Millennials and iGens.” Mattel CTO counts on 4 principles to lead digital transformation. “When you make a decision to move forward and begin transforming, you need to orchestrate wins. In other words, plan out short-term deliverables that enable you to iteratively start slicing things up, moving forward, learning, and pivoting. This isn’t about agile vs. waterfall, it is about learning how to work in a new way by succeeding one small step at a time.  This is how an organization learns to work differently. This will help your team’s mindset shift and will show your business partner that there is a different way to work with a technology team.” How inclusion can help your business succeed in digital transformation. “Companies can claim to prioritize inclusion all they want, but action has to be taken to get results. "There is a need for proactive outreach, in order to get more diversity into the pipeline," said Eberfeld. Since certain groups have been excluded and underrepresented for so long, many don't feel comfortable or confident in chasing after opportunities that don't appear attainable, Eberfeld added.” Remote workplaces might be all the rage but they're not without their challenges. If we're no longer sharing the same space, what impact does it have on trust, camaraderie and conflict? A recent study showed that, next to collaborating and communicating, loneliness was the biggest struggle for remote workers. This article explores what a shift in workplace norms means for internal politics and staff wellbeing, and how you can cultivate happy, productive teams without a walled office. "We live in a world where we have the money and technology but we lack imagination. If you read Drawdown by Paul Hawken, you can find 150 inventions to reverse climate change. But we are not doing it, why?" The key to career growth: Surround yourself with people who will push you. “Proactively seeking out and cultivating those who will help us become better versions of ourselves is, by a wide margin, the key for living a truly happy and meaningful life.” Fascinating conversation – How humans get hacked: Yuval Noah Harari, Tristan Harris and THINK 18 Speaker Nicholas Thompson.