THINK Week in Review: The ‘2018 Resolutions’ Edition

2018 is now 12 days old. 353 days to work on your resolutions. The big challenge with New Year's resolutions is that they're impositions. We tell ourselves that we "should" make these changes and then wonder why we can't stick to our plans. No-one likes to be forced into doing things. There's a big difference between making the changes that we really want and trying to do what we think we "should" do. When "shoulds" are at the root of our choices, it's very common to experience resistance. If we want our changes to stick, we need to tune in to our authentic wants and have our resolutions spring from these. That applies to Digital Transformation as well:

Digital Transformation in 2018: Sustainably delivering on the promise at scale. “More and more organizations are now indeed starting to find these onramps to the superhighway of much more rapid and effective digital transformation. Enough now so that it’s led to a second major — and steadily growing — issue that must itself now be managed as a top priority new purview. This quickly accumulating new tech and business portfolio which comes from achieving a higher change velocity must be well-managed and governed. We simply must keep our new digital businesses secure in an age of Meltdown and Spectre as well as complying with GDPR and all the other rapidly emerging digital regulations that threaten to impede our efforts.”

Interesting data: Why the Customer Journey in Banking will never be ‘Digital Only’. “Consumers like charting their own journey depending on their comfort with different channels, and the type of product or service they are buying. The journey for paperclips would look a lot different than, say, a new sailboat. Similarly, with services, the journey to plan a family vacation would look markedly different than finding a new accountant or hair stylist. The combination and weight of online reviews vs. word-of-mouth referrals will vary greatly.

Bank and credit union consumers are no different. Their journey is complex and almost always includes multiple touchpoints. Consumers that start their journey digitally don’t necessarily complete their transaction digitally. In fact, according to the ForeSee Experience Index, Overall, nearly two-thirds (61%) of consumers start their journey in a digital channel when opening a new account, while more than half (58%) of those end up in a branch.’

A wonderful list: 52 things I learned in 2017. Did you know: The first ATM cards were actually paper vouchers like cheques impregnated by a mildly radioactive substance called carbon 14. The machine detected it, then matched it against a pin number.

Or: A fifth of all the Google searches handled via the mobile app and Android devices are voice searches.

Why we should be disagreeing more at work. Disagreements are an inevitable, normal, and healthy part of relating to other people. There is no such thing as a conflict-free work environment. You might dream of working in a peaceful utopia, but it wouldn’t be good for your company, your work, or you. In fact, disagreements — when managed well — have lots of positive outcomes.

Last but not least, a primer how to keep your 2018 resolutions. 353 days to go!