THINK Week in Review: The ‘National Bean Counter’s Day’ Edition

One day after the much aligned tax day, a few of us celebrate 'National Bean Counter's Day.' As a website claims: "The day that celebrates your most trusted asset. Your accountant. We all love our accountant. They save us money, know your darkest secret, don't snicker when they see that embarrassing receipt for medical procedures, protect us from the IRS and always divide the check perfectly when going out for lunch. If you have an accountant: thank him/her. If you are own accountant, congratulate yourself that you survived another tax day.

Time for some less depressing news than tax day: We discuss the massive opportunity in the Fintech space, why you need an ecosystem mindset to innovate, why successful companies add value and not just grab attention, learn why every company needs settlers, pioneers and town planners and have a proposal for this weekend: sleep.

Fintech's $138 billion opportunity. "All of us in fintech - financial institutions, regulators, founders and investors - need to recognize the financial health problem American consumers are facing and work together to realize the innovation that's possible. Can we do it? That's the $138 billion question." Also, interesting insights from Money2020: A great time to find partners in the Fintech space. 

What I learned from trying to innovate at the New York Times. Fascinating read how legacy companies are organisms and successful organizations of the future have an ecosystem mindset. "Open the doors. Let the light stream in. Get out of the building. Interact. Not just the strategy team, not just the CEO, but everyone. The new value is not inside, it's out there, at the edges of the network. Embrace that, and grow."

We aren't creating human-centered experiences, we are creating attention-centered experiences. "If we are willing to start paying for the products and services we use, we stop being the commodity and we start being the driver. And when users are the driver, companies will focus on adding value, not just grabbing our attention." 

Pioneers, settlers and town planners. "We need leaders, entrepreneurs and managers within companies, but beyond that we need pioneers, settlers and town planners. And we need to establish ways to structure these roles that enable us to move fast with focus." 

Being tired isn't a badge of honor. "In the long run, work is not more important than sleep. If you aren't sure how important sleep is, think about this: You'll die faster without sleep than you will without food."