THINK Week in Review: The Obsession with Technology Edition

The first commercial plain paper copier was introduced 57 years ago, September 16, 1959, in a demonstration at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in New York, shown on live television. Just like the Apple announcements of today, technology introductions have always fascinated people. In fact, this could be one of the reasons why Millennials find smartphones more important than toothbrushes. More surprising stats and thoughts on innovation in this week's best stories of the week: Fascinating read: HSBC - Banking at the Speed of Digital While Carrying a Snail's Shell. "We're going to restructure the cost base of the bank by digitizing everything. We are on a mission to take very customer interaction and every process of the bank and digitize the whole thing. There will be no paper." Amen. The myth of low-hanging fruit: "Most conversion work, most business development work, most sales work is a grind - a lot of effort for a little movement. You pile those little movements into a big one eventually, but that fruit is way up at the top of the tree." Interesting read on how horizontal innovation from Amazon could very well threaten the biggest player in yet another industry - logistics and delivery. You shouldn't miss this post on innovation, and what happens when no one notices that you’ve changed the world (just ask the Wright Brothers). "It takes brilliance to change the world. It takes something else entirely to wait patiently for people to notice." Yes, Americans are obsessed with smartphones. "Nearly six in 10 (57%) consumer have at least tried using a mobile banking app. Around half (48%) have become active mobile banking app users. Of those consumers who use a mobile banking app, nearly two-thirds (62%) access the app a few times a week or more, while one in five (20%) check the app at least one a day or more." Are you ready to engage with members while their behavior changes dramatically?