THINK Week in Review: “Women’s Equality Day” Edition

Ninety-six years ago women in the United States won the right to vote when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified. There's still a long way to go until we have reached full gender equality, but we have made significant progress. As President Obama said: "Empowering women isn't just the right thing to do - it's the smart thing to do." Speaking of smartness, here are the best stories of this week, lovingly curated by your THINK team: Great read on Customer Experience Management and Customer Expectations: "Customer Experience Management is a business science that has the purpose of determining the strategy and programs that can make the customer feel good enough about the company to want to continue to do business with the company." The eight essentials of innovation: "Big companies do not easily reinvent themselves as leading innovators. Too many fixed routines and cultural factors can get in the way. For those that do make the attempt, innovation excellence is often built in a multiyear effort that touches most, if not all, parts of the organization. Our experience and research suggests that any company looking to make this journey will maximize its probability of success by closely studying and appropriately assimilating the leading practices of high-performing innovators. Taken together, these form an essential operating system for innovation within a company's organizational structure and culture.” Function (and the dysfunctional organization): "Build a team of people who work together, who care and who learn and you'll end up with the organization you deserve. Build the opposite and you also get what you deserve. Function is never an excuse for a dysfunctional organization, because we get the organization we compromise for." 7 things credit unions must know about the digital generation: "Today's tech-savvy, mobile first Digital Generation consumer wants choice, convenience and personalization. The Digital Generation wants customized offers and communication and an experience that is easy and intuitive while also being contextual based on their real-time activities. Banks and credit unions that understand the differences of the Digital Generation and take the steps needed to provide what they want will be at a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace." Short and sweet: 7 Questions for Any Technological Idea.