Food trucks are cool, but they aren’t always easy to access. Case in point: When we spotted the famous Kogi Korean BBQ Truck on a recent drive through downtown Los Angeles, our children straight-up refused to jump from the moving car and cross six lanes of traffic to score us a kimchi quesadilla. Not that we were (totally) serious when we suggested it. Whether they’re dishing up Red Hook Lobster Pound lobster rolls in D.C., Yvonne Yvonne’s Jamaican curried goat in New York or any of a gazillion other offbeat offerings nationwide, food trucks are rolling out innovative cuisine at recessionary prices — all to the delight of foodies who follow tweets (announcing the trucks’ current whereabouts) and stand in line like tweenagers at a Justin Bieber concert. For those who want a taste of mobile madness but aren’t sure they want to become crazed stalkers for the cause, regional truck locators can help:
  • foodtrucksmap.com shows you which trucks are where in New York, Portland, San Diego, Washington and Los Angeles.
  • roaminghunger.com includes trucks in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles.
  • foodtrucks.zagat.com gives the lowdown on trucks in New York.
If your city or town is not listed above, try searching “food trucks” on your local Yelp. In L.A. and already on the road? Try the “Road Stoves GPS” app on your iPhone. Then again, if you’re in Chatsworth, Calif., you might cruise by Telesis Community Credit Union to see what’s cooking. Telesis’ main branch hosts a variety of food trucks in its parking lot, including big name mobile food players like the Buttermilk Truck (think red velvet pancakes), Don Chow Taco Truck (for Chinese + Mexican = “Chexican” tacos) and toothsome burgers from Grill ‘Em All, winner of Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race.” “Our first truck was the Kogi Korean BBQ Truck, and we invited them mainly because our employees were interested in it,” says Brian Siegel, vice president, marketing and e-commerce at Telesis. “When we saw that people were standing in line for an hour and a half, we knew we had an opportunity on our hands. Since then, when we have a big-name truck come to visit, we run a marketing event along with it where we offer promotions and talk to people in line about the credit union. We’ve actually signed multiple members up this way.”