Todd Clark: “Think and behave as a Digital Ecosystem”

A common debate in the digital era is which type of organization has the advantage. Startups have little risk, incredible agility and the freedom to let imagination run wild. Incumbents have data, customers, an established brand and financial resources. Credit unions, incumbents in a quickly evolving financial services marketplace, have one more valuable asset startups do not – trust. In his talk on the second day of THINK 18, CO-OP CEO Todd Clark challenged the audience of credit union leaders to see those advantages the way a new entrant to the marketplace might. “Imagine what a startup would do with those resources. Digital transformation has become about deploying the rich assets we already have as if we were a startup.” Clark, who has worked on both ends of the incumbent-startup spectrum, knows first-hand how a new entrant to an established marketplace behaves. From the THINK 18 stage, he explained how CO-OP is putting the startup mindset to work for credit unions. Watch the whole speech below and don't forget to register for the upcoming Roadshows and THINK 19.