Voice of Member Program

How do you start and go about building a great digital organization? Five activities provide a rich foundation for analytics driven transformation along with some core strategic analytic capabilities:
  • Digital collection audit – Collect the right data.
  • Member journey map – Create and agree on an enterprise-wide model of members and their various journeys.
  • Two-tiered segmentation – Segment the member journey by visit purpose as well as capture digital’s real-time nature.
  • Voice of member system – Collect, classify, integrate and distribute true voice of the member.
  • Unified measurement – Develop a unified framework for measuring and optimizing campaigns and enterprise performance.
One of the main uses for a Voice of Member program is to refine and tune your journey map and segmentation. This requires an enterprise feedback management system that makes it easy to deploy surveys at any point in the journey across any device. Or better: Organizational processes that ideate, design, deploy, interpret and socialize Voice of Member information constantly. What are the exact requirements for a Voice of Member program? Each digitally transformed credit union needs to deploy an enterprise-wide reporting capability that:
  • Integrates different Voice of Member sources
  • Classifies each VoM source
  • Tracks each VoM source
  • And, last but not least, delivers enterprise-wide access to all these sources across all departments.
Change the culture to deploy a successful Voice of Member program A successful Voice of Member program requires a culture change. One of the natural and immediate components of making a decision should be to look at what members think and – if that isn’t immediately available – launching a survey to figure it out. A Voice of Member program is one of the quickest and easiest means of delivering a win to your credit union early in the digital transformation journey. It is also a great way to start driving a combination of tactical (data, segmentation) and strategic (journey, Voice of Member) initiatives in your early phases.