THINK Week in Review: The “Dinosaur” Edition

“Jurassic Park” was released 23 years ago. The film opened on Friday, June 11, 1993, and broke box office records its very first weekend with $47 million in ticket sales. It then went on to make more than $900 million worldwide. Dinosaurs are popular at the box office but nobody wants to be a dinosaur when it comes to business. We scanned the world of information to ensure there's no threat of you becoming the T-Rex of financial institutions. Enjoy! Have you ever heard of Mondo? You should. Here's the product (still in alpha/beta). And here’s an interesting post about how others are UX-ing the bank experience, while Mondo is re-imagining it. "Disrupting finance shouldn't be that difficult. All it takes is a ruthless focus on solving customers’ problems rather than selling them a product." Customer journey mapping is at the heart of digital transformation. "My sense is customer journey mapping will become a mandatory tool for digital transformation. Enterprise will begin to do customer journey mapping as the first part of their planning activities." Gall's Law: "Complex systems designed from scratch will never work in the real world, since they haven't been subject to environmental selection forces while being designed. If you want to build a system that works, the best approach is to build a simple system that meets the environment's current selections tests first, then improve it over time." Are you in despair? That's good. "Emotional concepts are tools for living. The bigger your tool kit, the more flexibility your brain can [use to] anticipate and prescribe actions, and the better you can cope with life." The death of jobs: This is a good read, even though we all hope there's a death to the excessive number of clicks required to get to the article.  "If my teen-aged daughters and your teen-aged sons spend a majority of their lives as the employees of others, I'll be shocked. I'm working to get mine ready for that reality now. You may want to consider a similar course of action."