What we heard at THINK 18 Day 1

Michael Phelps: “Surround yourself with people who push you towards excellence. You will have great times, hard times and everything in between, but you’ll never find success without them.” Fotis Konstantinidis: “Very soon, AI will be an accessible tool for business people. Just like you don’t need to understand an engine to drive a car, the tools are being developed to improve business results through easy-to-use tools.” Nick Thompson: “Empathy is why credit unions will crush the financial services industry.” Rachna Ahlawat: “Open banking is inevitable. Consumers want to be in charge of their products, they only look to their service provider to adjust their technology stack to allow them to do more with those products” Samantha Paxson: “We don’t chase…we race.” Brett Dixon: “Friction is like debt - you can put off dealing with it to get what you want now, but you will pay later.” Shivani Siroya: “The key to product success? Know your market! Too often we spend time and energy putting bells and whistles on products and forget what it is that people really want.” Nish Modi: “The best partnerships are the ones where we co-create.” Nick Calcanes: “You have to be vulnerable enough to say, what are we not doing well?” Through the prism of our audience: Brandon McAdams: “Phelps said he’s redefined what excellence is at each stage of his career. This really is key to a successful career and life.” Kris Kovacs: “You can’t give the world something they’ve never seen without doing something they’ve never done.”