What we heard at THINK 18 Day 2

Todd Clark: “Everything we are doing inside CO-OP is to humanize the experience. We are forming a single integrated experience so we can put you everywhere your members are.” Matt Kardell: “The moment you don’t feel uncomfortable is the moment you should feel nervous, because it probably means you’re not embracing change. That’s been our metamorphosis at CO-OP. If you’re uneasy, that’s good. It probably means you're learning something.” Beth Comstock: “As leaders, we are to ask the questions, not provide the answers.” Fotis Konstantinidis: “Machines will not replace us. They will help us. Fraud, for example, is very complex. There are hidden patterns it would take months for humans to detect. Machine learning can detect them in milliseconds.” Chris Skinner: “Today’s digital age demands you focus on the consumer first and build backward. It’s the opposite of what we have traditionally done. In the digital age, the most important piece is the humanity.” Matt McGuire: “Data owners are a key component to making data your best digital transformation asset. Without them, your data strategy becomes like the garbage can in the park with everyone throwing all kinds of things in.” Ken Myhra: “When it comes to machine learning, sometimes you have to accept that you don’t know what you don’t know. But you can rely on your partners and their experience to help you understand this space.” Jaron Lanier: “Credit unions have a tremendous opportunity. How many organizations have 50 million+ people, have financial relationships with those people, and have trust? Apple. Amazon. And credit unions.” Naveen Jain: “For any data analytics initiative to succeed, you need executive alignment. You need to be able to present a clear roadmap for success and demonstrate quick wins to maintain that support from your management team.” Chuck Purvis: “I don’t know if any of us are going to be around as community financial institutions in 15 years if we don’t change. We either embrace this change or get run over by it.”