THINK 17 Day 1: Digitally minded leadership

The success of your digital transformation is founded in your ability to use both sides of your leadership brain.  We are experiencing a blending of the physical worlds, collision between short term and long term thinking, old and new business models and control-based systems versus empowering systems. A digital mindset requires managing and working through paradoxes and embracing opposites because change is the only certainty in this world today, creating an increasing amount of ambiguity. Ambiguity creates complexity, uncertainty and stress. However, to succeed in business today you need to be an expert in dealing with ambiguity. “A digital mindset requires us to see old problems and old processes with new eyes. It is a different way of thinking about customers, services and process. It’s faster, iterative and adaptable.” – Deloitte Business today is becoming more and more complex. We now deal with a growing number of channels for members, each with its own set of priorities and responsibilities. Even the relationships you have with your competitors aren’t set in stone. And any of this can change tomorrow without warning, replaced with a new challenge. Digitally minded leaders are those who rise to the challenge of ambiguity and respond with confidence and adaptability. Here are few thought starters on transforming into a digitally minded leader:
  1. Don’t try to control: While we love to control our businesses, we need to suppress the notion that you are controlling everything.
  2. Act without the complete picture: You will never have all the information or be absolutely certain. Get all the information available, make the best decision you can and act on it.
  3. Deal better with stress: Have outlets to relieve your stress. When you are relaxed, you are far better able to respond to problems and challenges with successful solutions.
  4. Listen to others: Do you really think you have all the answers? Think again. Be comfortable with people being cleverer than you, and use this as a resource. Embrace people who look at things differently; it’s always great to get a contrary view.
  5. Listen to yourself: Let the subconscious speak. The processing power of your brain is stored there and will help you make the best decisions. Listen to your own voice.
  6. Understand there is not a defined plan you need to follow: Just embrace the fact that there isn’t always a “right” or “wrong.” There’s no recipe book for succeeding in today’s business world. Sometimes you will make the wrong decision. Just try to make more right than wrong decisions – and remember that a wrong decision is almost always better than no decision.
  7. Be flexible: Be open to changing course as more information becomes available. Ambiguity can reveal facts at any time that are going to affect your best decision. Consider them gifts, incorporate them into your direction and make the needed changes.
Being a digitally minded leader is challenging. But performance indicators show that the ability to become equally adept at using both sides of your leadership brain will determine the success of digital transformation in your organization and your success as a digital leader in a digitized world. Samantha Paxson of CO-OP Financial Services and Andrew Dignan, Consultant for 99U, will welcome the audience to Day 1 at THINK 17, and discuss why adopting a digital mindset is critical for business today, and the only way to continue delivering on your members' expectations. They will be followed by welcoming remarks from Todd Clark, President and CEO, CO-OP Financial Services. The day will conclude with a major surprise, hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. Still not registered? Make sure to join soon.