THINK 18: The Accelerating Payment Challenge

Today, members are experiencing an explosion of choice when it comes to how they shop, pay, interact and conduct commerce. Every day, new financial and commerce solutions are introduced with a promise to simplify and improve customers’ lives and change how fundamental aspects of banking, retail commerce, and commercial transactions take place. Payments are the moment of truth in the commerce value chain, where money changes hands, so many players are seeking to embed payments into broader commerce solutions, blurring the lines around where the customer experience starts and ends. Yet even as payments expand across the commerce ecosystem, it still isn’t clear which changes will stick. Right now, the industry is in a formative period where banks have a window to proactively shape their destiny. For these reasons, we dedicated Thursday morning at THINK 18 to focus on the accelerating Payment Challenge: An opportunity to explore the most impactful new technologies that will affect your credit union now, you will learn how new advancements in biometrics and IoT are helping to authenticate transactions and mitigate fraud losses and gain critical insights how your credit union can stay ahead in the ever-evolving payments revolution. We assembled a lineup of industry experts, discussing:
  • Are Payments the new PFI Indicator?
  • The State of Debit
  • Building Member Loyalty through frictionless payments
  • The future of payments
  • Bitcoin/Blockchain
  • The Power of Partnerships
Join your fellow payment challengers to capitalize on the payments revolution and register now.